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Instead, what about selling on many platforms at the same time, such as ArtYah, Etsy, and eBay. Besides pricing and fee, as a seller, you also need to care about making a payment. Only when you have accumulated 3.00 in fees will the Bonanza fee be due. In addition to it, Bonanza fee bills once a month.

  • They took an additional 25.00 out of my bank account…
  • Visit the Start Selling page of Bonanza and provide information to let them know whether you have already worked for a business online before or not.
  • Nonetheless, Bonanza is for selling and buying anything but the ordinary.
  • Bonanza provides no customer service; if you have an issue, they just keep sending the same “canned” response over and over…
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Since Bonanza has lower fees for sellers leo vegas casino than eBay, it will bring about most items that you will be interested in buying. Moreover, you have a chance to make many bids on a random product that is good for securing the best possible deal. Also, Bonanza offers the Better Business Bureau rating for its users. I recently decided to add Bonanza to my inline sellers. I had used them in 2014 but stopped online work.

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Also, it is free to list your items on the site and to relist an item that doesn’t sell the first time. Nearly 1 month after its reported delivery, a buyer claimed to have not received his shipment. Without contacting us about the issue, the buyer posted a 1-star feedback. In the feedback, he stated that the USPS might have lost the shipment; and because the dollar value of the order was a “small amount,” the matter was not worth looking into. The dollar value was 22.96 (including a 10percent discount).


However, whether it is legit to use or not still remains a question for many merchants. You should run away from them.I didn’t have a single product to sell. The suspension of my account is based on race. When I sent all the information from the bank account, they immediately suspended the account.

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Bonanza has been a seller-centric marketplace since our inception – that’s why we don’t make any money until you do. No listing fees, no monthly store fees, no other sneaky fees. We provide one-click publishing to all major buyer channels , and we pay all advertising costs on your behalf until you make a sale.

Scroll down to your order summary and click the link at the bottom labeled ‘Contact Seller’. Maybe he’s just busy and will get the item. You alwats have protection threw paypal so you will get your money back if you file a claim if you don’t get yoyr item. I’ve had a booth at Bonanza for many years. I thought that this would be a good etsy alternate, because a lot of positive reviews seemed to indicate that this might be a good place. I listed my offerings for more than a year, and I have yet to make an actual sale.

Your booth will be taken offline on December 17, 2021. I am new to selling on Bonanza and I was having trouble setting things up. I contacted support and very quickly received the help I needed. Their answer was prompt, comprehensive and clear. I’m optimistic about the future, and am certain that my business will flourish with their consistent support.

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This website is absolutely useless and TRASH. Bonanza is responsible and accountable as it pertains to there third party function between buyer and seller. I would like to see this option available to all sellers. Personally, I have had such a drop in my sales over the past year , that I cannot justify paying for any membership.

Visit the Start Selling page of Bonanza and provide information to let them know whether you have already worked for a business online before or not. When coming to Bonanza, you will be provided a Help Center, which will quickly help you answer questions related to Selling, Buying, and Account. In order to aid navigation, each category opens up subcategories. The higher your opt-in level, the more you have to pay, and the more buyer traffic is driven to your listing. Coming to all Final Order Value over 500, the charge of Bonanza will be 3.5percent of the first 500 with an addition of 1.5percent of the amount over 500. In terms of an item costing 650 with 15 shipping, Final Order Value will be 155, and the charges of Bonanza will then be 22.925.

This part is what makes it all worth it.Bonanza is a decent way to makeyourselfmoney, but it doesn’t improve anyone else’s lives. You need to spend even more money if you want to scale up. With Bonanza, you’ll always have limitson your time and freedom. As mentioned above, spending tons of hours every day managing inventory is a huge timecommitment. Ready to drop everything else and dive in full time? Andtheynever have to worry about how to pay for the next trip, or consider asking for time off.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,