Forest resources Directorate


  • Background

Forest resources are important resources for the livelihood of human societies. Among these resources, nontimber forest products play an important role. Despite the availability of information on the types of non-timber forest products, knowledge and technology on status, ethnobotany, yield improvement, harvesting, post-harvest handling and, propagation, adaptation, field establishment, management for higher products and yield is limited. Moreover, non-timber forest products have not been exhaustively assessed and documented. Research that has been done on the characterization of timber, timber products, and engineered wood for proper design and utilization is scanty. Technologies and knowledge generated so far with regard to bio-energy and biochemical analysis of forest resources are also limited. In general, there is a great need to carry out research in the above-mentioned areas with the aim to generate technology and knowledge that will solve prioritized problems and help to effectively and sustainably utilize the forest resources..

  • About the Directorate

Forest Resources Utilization Research Directorate is one of the research directorates in EEFRI that is mandated to carry out research under three major research divisions. The major aim of the Forest Resources Utilization Research Directorate is to generate relevant technologies and knowledge that would enable efficient and sustainable utilization of forest resources. The research divisions are 1) Non-Timber forest products research division 2) Timber Product Characterization and Utilization Research Division 3) Bio-energy and Bio-chemical Research Division. The research focuses of the Non-Timber Forest Products Research Division are on bamboo and palm, gum, resin, and latex, and also on wild fruits, Moringa, medicinal, and other non-timber plants. The timber Product Characterization and Utilization Research Division focuses on timber and engineered wood product characterization and utilization. The Bio-energy and Bio-chemical Research Division focuses on the energy and chemical aspects of Biomass.

  • Research Focus

The major research thematic areas of the directorate include biology, ethnobotany, post-harvest handling, characterization of non-timber products, yield and product improvement, resource base assessment, harvesting methods and techniques, product standardization, mechanical and physical properties, chemical properties, anatomical properties sawmilling, seasoning and wood durability, working properties, timber grading, fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, wood-plastic composite research, thermomechanical modification of wood, timber products quality improvement, laminated wood products, furniture, structural products design research, pulp and paper, wood derivatives, bio- biomass, conversion for non-energy purpose, bio-pulping, biochemical modification of wood, biofuel, biogas, solid biomass and gasification research.

  • Current Research Projects

Currently, the directorate runs 84 ongoing research activities under 21 Mega Research Projects. The research activities are currently implemented in the mandate areas of all seven research centers.

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