Nexplanon Ruined My Relationship

Nexplanon Ruined My Relationship: Genuine Reviews & Side Effects

Relationships can face ups and downs, and sometimes, the contraceptive choices we make can also play a role in how we feel. Nexplanon is a popular contraceptive implant that helps prevent pregnancy. Let’s explore what Nexplanon is, how it works, and the side effects it may have on our bodies and relationships.

What is Nexplanon?

Nexplanon is a tiny, flexible rod that doctors insert under the skin of your upper arm. It releases a hormone called progestin, which stops you from getting pregnant. Many people choose Nexplanon because it’s easy to use and works well.

Understanding the Side Effects:

Like all medicines, Nexplanon can have some side effects. Here are some common ones to be aware of:

  1. Irregular Menstrual Bleeding: Some people might experience irregular periods, like spotting or longer bleeding. This can be a bit bothersome, but it’s usually not harmful.
  2. Mood Swings: You might notice changes in your mood while using Nexplanon. You might feel sad or angry more easily. It’s important to talk to your partner about how you’re feeling.
  3. Weight Changes: A few people might gain or lose weight while on Nexplanon. Remember, everyone’s body is different, and a healthy lifestyle can help manage weight.
  4. Decreased Libido: Some individuals might experience a lower sex drive while using Nexplanon. Open communication with your partner can help overcome this challenge.
Nexplanon Ruined My Relationship
Nexplanon Ruined My Relationship

Personal Experiences:

Let’s hear from some individuals who have used Nexplanon:

  • Emily said, “My periods were a bit unpredictable with Nexplanon, but my doctor reassured me it’s normal. My boyfriend and I talk about it, and he’s very understanding.”
  • Alex shared, “I noticed I got a little moody sometimes, but my girlfriend and I joke about it now. It’s important to laugh and communicate about these things.”

Communication and Support:

Talking openly with your partner is crucial when using any contraceptive method. If you decide to try Nexplanon, share your concerns and feelings. Supporting each other through any side effects can strengthen your relationship.


Nexplanon can be a reliable way to prevent pregnancy, but it may come with some side effects. Remember that everyone’s experience is unique. If you’re considering Nexplanon, talk to your doctor and your partner about it. Understanding the side effects and communicating openly will help you navigate any challenges together, leading to a stronger and happier relationship

FAQs About Nexplanon Ruined My Relationship

Can Nexplanon ruin my relationship?

Nexplanon can have varying effects on relationships, but it doesn’t necessarily ruin them. The side effects of Nexplanon may cause challenges, but open communication and understanding between partners can help navigate them successfully.

What are some common relationship issues that may arise due to Nexplanon use?

Common relationship issues associated with Nexplanon use include changes in libido, mood swings, and challenges related to irregular menstrual bleeding.

Is there a connection between Nexplanon and changes in libido?

Yes, some individuals may experience a decrease in libido while using Nexplanon. This side effect can impact intimacy in relationships.

How do I communicate with my partner about the side effects of Nexplanon?

Choose a comfortable and private setting to talk openly with your partner. Share your feelings, concerns, and any changes you’ve noticed in your mood or libido. Encourage your partner to share their thoughts and feelings too.

Can mood swings caused by Nexplanon affect my relationship negatively?

Mood swings can create emotional challenges in relationships. It’s essential to communicate with your partner about how you’re feeling and work together to navigate these changes.

Are there any strategies to manage relationship challenges while using Nexplanon?

Strategies include open communication, empathy, understanding, and finding ways to support each other through any difficulties caused by Nexplanon.

What should I do if I believe Nexplanon is affecting my emotional well-being and relationship?

Speak with your healthcare provider about your concerns and explore potential solutions. If needed, they may suggest an alternative contraceptive method.

Is there a possibility of weight gain impacting my self-esteem and relationship dynamics on Nexplanon?

Weight gain can impact self-esteem, but it’s essential to remember that everyone’s body is different. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and seeking support from your partner can be beneficial.

Can irregular menstrual bleeding due to Nexplanon cause misunderstandings with my partner?

Yes, irregular bleeding might lead to misunderstandings. Openly communicate with your partner about the potential changes in your menstrual cycle to avoid any misconceptions.

Are there any alternative contraceptive methods that might have less impact on relationships?

Yes, there are several alternative contraceptive methods, such as oral pills, IUDs, and condoms. Discuss these options with your healthcare provider to find the best fit for you and your relationship.

What can I do if my partner is unsupportive or dismissive of the side effects I experience on Nexplanon?

Encourage your partner to learn more about Nexplanon and its potential side effects. Seek couples’ counseling if necessary to foster better communication and understanding.

Does Nexplanon affect how I perceive intimacy and emotional connection with my partner?

Nexplanon’s side effects might impact intimacy and emotional connection for some individuals. Open communication can help address these concerns and find ways to nurture the relationship.

How do I know if my relationship challenges are solely due to Nexplanon or if there are other underlying issues?

It’s essential to consider various factors that may affect relationships, not just Nexplanon. Discuss your concerns with your partner and consider seeking professional advice or counseling if needed.

Is there any evidence-based advice on maintaining a healthy relationship while using Nexplanon?

While evidence-based advice specific to Nexplanon’s impact on relationships may be limited, general relationship advice, such as open communication, empathy, and understanding, can still be valuable in navigating challenges.

What resources are available for individuals seeking support and understanding regarding the impact of Nexplanon on relationships?

Online forums, support groups, and healthcare providers can be valuable resources for individuals seeking support and understanding about Nexplanon’s impact on relationships.

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