Biometrics, GIS, and Database Coordination

  • Background

The use of GIS has seen unprecedented growth in the last ten years in the world. With the powerful technology getting cheaper and system memories expanding, meaning that we can handle much bigger sets of data, some say that GIS is in a golden age. It was once the preserve of the cartographer- few outsides would have used it or needed it, yet recently GIS has become a core part of modern environmental science, geology, climatology, geography, statisticians, and forestry.

Similarly, biostatistics is the application of statistics to a wide range of topics in biology. The science of biostatistics encompasses the design of biological experiments, especially in medicine, forest genetics, agriculture, and fishery; the collection, summarization, and analysis of data from those experiments; and the interpretation of, and inference from, the results.

  • About the Directorate?

The Ethiopia Environment and Forest Research Institute established a biometry GIS and database coordination directorate to support the institution’s research activities. GIS, remote sensing, and biometry/biostatics/ application by previewing the quality of different satellite images, identifying their applicable areas, through image enhancement, image analysis, and eventually prepares thematic maps, biostatistical analysis, and data interpretation for researchers, customers, and through the synergetic application of GIS and biometry. And produced different vector, raster, and biostatistics data to create fertile ground for all research activities in the institution.

The directorate uses different software to analyze land use land cover change, and suitability analysis, converts biostatistical data into a user-friendly form, and enhances the researcher’s skill in GIS and biostatics applications to the betterment of achieving reliable research.

The Biometry, GIS, and database coordination directorate is tasseled into two teams, namely:

  1. GIS, Remote sensing, and database division
  2. Biometry division

Biometry, GIS, and database coordination directorate are Summarized as follows.

GIS, Remote sensing, and database team

  1. Produce Land use &Land cover map.
  2. Organizes climate data and produced one national database
  3. Produce suitability analysis(Trees and suitable waste disposal site selection)
  4. Providing Professional Support Service on GIS and Remote Sensing.
  5. Providing GIS Services and creating the national database in the institution.
  6. Biometry team
  7. Biostatistical analysis on the biology of forest resources.
  8. Providing, analyzing, and interpreting different data using statistical software.

The future research thematic areas planned by the directorate

  1. Climate change assessment.
  2. Land use land cover change evaluation.
  3. Urban pollution mitigation strategies.

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