When Does Dark And Darker Playtest End

When Does Dark And Darker Playtest End?

When Do Dark And Darker Playtest End – The 5th round of dark and darker play tests already conclude on 20th April 2023. The developers are not happy with the request due to several reasons.

Dark and Darker is one of the most controversial video games since 2020. Since the developers announced the game in public, nothing has gone in their favor of them. 

There is a huge loss suit from one of the most renowned game development houses in the world. That has resulted in copyright infringement strikes from Steam and other platforms.

They could not secure even the servers as their servers were attacked with DDoS. The fan following of dark and darker is still looking good as thousands of gamers joined the play test number 5.

We all have several questions about the game, and that is why we are here to help you understand all of them. We will discuss when dark and darker play tests and the game will be available for early access over full release.

How Were the 5th Dark and Darker Playtests?

Dark and darker is facing hundreds of hurdles in a single race. Apart from the huge lawsuit from Nexon, the developers were also attacked by Internet experts.

The developer of Dark and Darker organized the 5th playtest of the game, which was a disaster event. 

First, there were copyright infringement strikes, and Steam decided not to go with the game for the time being.

Later, the servers of the game were attacked with DDoS, and their torrent was also removed. That put a lot of pressure on the servers, and there was a login error.

Most gamers and play test players were not able to login into the game and enjoy it as they were promised. 

At last, the developers released a press statement on Discord mentioning that their playtest was not a success.

The quality of the game was not up to the mark, and there were several attacks. They might organize a new playtest in the upcoming weeks.

The chief executive officer of the company, along with developers, issued an apology for the bugs, poor optimization, lagging, hurdles, and instability throughout the whole playtest number 5.

No Extension for 5th Playtest

The 5th play test of Dark and Darker ended on 20th April 2023. Despite all the challenges, the developers have mentioned in a press release that they will not provide any extension of that playtest.

There were several challenges, and the developers could not provide access to most players during the playtest. Still, the developers decided not to provide any extension, and the 5th play test of Dark and Darker ended on 20th April 2023.

The latest data will be available shortly, and we expect that the company will have one or more play tests before the early excess of the game.

Several experts believe that the developers do great things for not providing any extension as it will allow them to have some time to come up with a new strategy or 6th playtest.

When Does Dark And Darker Playtest End
When Does Dark And Darker Playtest End?

What are the Upcoming Dark and Darker Play Test Dates?

The developers of Dark and Darker have concluded the 5th playtest of their much-awaited game on 20th April 2023.

The gaming and event experts have already declared the 5th play test as a disaster for the developers. Nothing was going right over in favor of the developers other than the love of Gamers.

Everyone in the gaming industry is expecting that the developers of Dark and Darker will come up with new Playtest dates.

The developers can’t let everyone think about their 5th playtest of the game before early pre-release access or full release. 

Before the developer comes up with any early access to the game, there will be a playtest, which is going to be successful and improve the image of the developers.

The developers might wait for some days till they come up with any solution for the lawsuit, but everyone is sure that there will be another playtest, and they have to make it exciting.

When will Early Access to Dark and Darker be Available?

The dark and darker game is going through a typical Pre game launch process. There were several plates of the game, and the game is near its early access dates. 

A few weeks ago, the developers of the game mentioned in a discord message that early access to Dark and Darker would be available soon.

Early access to a dark and darker game is expected to be available around late April or early May 2023.

These are not speculative dates, as the developers have mentioned them multiple times in their discord messages. 

There are several hurdles that the developers have to cross before they opt for early access. First of all, there is a huge lawsuit hanging over the heads of the developer.

The previous employer of the developers, Nexon, one of the biggest video game manufacturing houses, filed a lawsuit against the developers of The Dark and Darker, mentioning that they stole the assets and code of their unreleased game.

Similar to any other lawsuit in this world, the developers have denied the allegations, and they are fighting the lawsuit in court.

There is no way the developers will come up with any early release or early access to the game without settling that dispute.

When will Dark and Darker be available for the full release?

The full release of the game Dark and Darker is not out yet. The developers mentioned in a discovered message that the release date could be the 4th quarter of 2023. The recent lawsuit might make it a bit harder.

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