New Inhalable Covid Vaccine

All about New Inhalable Covid Vaccine – Benefits & Side Effects

New Inhalable Covid Vaccine – Even after two-dose primary series, two monovalent booster shots, one bivalent booster shot, and several additional doses, the COVID vaccine is still under development, and healthcare experts around the world are coming up with new updates every day.

A similar thing also happened in China last week. Big Chinese pharmaceutical companies came up with the new inhalable COVID vaccine, which is a completely new type of vaccine.

Till now, every COVID vaccine has been injected via injection, and the Chinese regulators might have changed the whole course of the COVID vaccine with its latest discovery and approval. Authorities also released footage of people inhaling COVID vaccine via a vessel that looks like a takeout coffee cup.

A chief medical officer at Shanghai United Family Hospital said in a media interview that our body’s first line of defense is the mucus membrane. They are currently working on simulating the mucus membrane to improve immunity via an inhaled vaccine.

All about the New inhalable COVID Vaccine

A new inhalable COVID vaccine was recently introduced in the Chinese city of Shanghai. Unlike other COVID vaccines, inhalable COVID vaccines are sucked in through the mouth. Health officials in the country are more positive when it comes to their vaccination drive and a new inhalable COVID vaccine.

The data points suggest that around 90% of the Chinese population have already received the primary series of COVID vaccines, and new inhalable COVID vaccines will also be offered for people who have been vaccinated with the primary series.

The new inhalable COVID vaccine is considered a booster shot, and it is offered for free to the Chinese. All the details of the new inhalable COVID vaccine have been published on the official city social media account of Shanghai.

Chinese state media posted a video of people in a community healthcare center sticking the nozzle offer white cup into their mouth and sucking the vaccine. The whole procedure of vaccination was completed in 20 seconds, and the individuals were also holding their breath for five seconds after slowly inhaling the inhalable COVID vaccine.

“It was like drinking a cup of milk tea,” said one Shanghai resident who took the inhalable COVID vaccine.

Apart from one Chinese company, no other company in the world has introduced anything like that. It is the first time when people in the world have gotten to know about the new inhalable COVID vaccine, which is administered as a booster shot.

Benefits of New Inhalable Covid Vaccine

The first question that is going to pop into your mind after learning about the new inhaled COVID vaccine is the benefits of the same.

Your question is logical, as injectable vaccines were doing pretty well all around the world. Rather than increasing the effectiveness of COVID vaccine, healthcare experts are working on inhaled COVID vaccine, which seems a little bit odd. 

Chinese officials have not stopped the use of regularly injected vaccines. The new experiment is going to increase the number of vaccinated people as inhaled vaccines are much easier to consume as compared to injected shots.

A lot of people around the world have a fear of needles, and that is why they avoid getting vaccinated. The brand new inhaled COVID vaccine can also tap those people, and health officials will be able to contain the spread of the virus as much as possible.

Apart from that, several healthcare experts around the world, including Erwin Loh, chief medical officer at Saint Vincent’s Health Australia, believe that inhaled Vaccines can become more effective as it is also going to become the first guard against the virus.

Chinese authorities have a zero COVID policy, which means they do not tolerate outbreaks of viruses in their country. At the same time, people who have a fear of needles are not getting themselves vaccinated, and the new inhaled COVID vaccine can increase the number of fully vaccinated people in the country.

New Inhalable Covid Vaccine
New Inhalable Covid Vaccine

How Effective is the New Inhalable Covid Vaccine?

The effectiveness of the COVID vaccine cannot be tested in closed Laboratories and testing sites. The best way to find the effectiveness of anything is through public data.

The brand new inhalable COVID vaccine, which is the first and only inhalable COVID vaccine in the world, was approved by Chinese officials last week, and it is not available in any other country in the world.

We all know that the Chinese government does not publish the right numbers, and similar things can also happen with this new inhalable COVID vaccine.

Till now, health experts in the country and Chinese health authorities are much more positive when it comes to the effectiveness of the new inhalable COVID vaccine. 

Health experts believe that a vaccine taken in the mouth could also increase the overall effectiveness of the vaccine. Our mucus membrane is the first line of defense from the attack of any disease, including the infection of COVID-19.

The new inhalable COVID vaccine is going to help our body to enhance the protection against the virus. Health experts believe that larger droplets in the vaccine would train defenses in part of the mouth and throat. On the other hand, smaller droplets would travel further into the body and do their job.

Chinese authorities have approved the new inhalable COVID vaccine as a booster shot, So the primary series is going to be administered with injection, and that is the most important part of the COVID vaccine series.

What about the Side Effects of the Inhalable COVID Vaccine?

Chinese health authorities have not made many comments on the side effects of the new inhalable COVID vaccine.

Representative of the company that developed this new inheritable COVID vaccine mentioned in a press statement that this vaccine has completed its clinical trials in multiple countries, including China, Hungary, Pakistan, Malaysia, Mexico, and Argentina.

Despite its different approach, the inhalable COVID vaccine can also cause somewhat similar side effects. The major difference in the side effects of both vaccines could be the site of injection.

COVID vaccines administered with the needle are known to cause side effects such as soreness on the side of the injection, redness on the site of the injection, and swelling on the side of the injection.

As the company has changed the way of vaccine administration, these side effects won’t occur at all.

At the same time, the general side effects of receiving any vaccine, including fever, chills, digestive issues, body pain, headache, and muscle pain, are still going to be there. Our body needs some time to adjust and understand the vaccine, and these things indicate that the body is making some changes.

The inhalable COVID vaccine is not the only vaccine in the world that opt for no needle. According to the World Health Organization, around a dozen nasal COVID vaccines are being tested globally.

Yes, healthcare experts around the world, including the United States, are developing in COVID vaccine, which is going to use nasal rather than injection. Even though all these vaccines are still under development, we may find some promising results in the upcoming weeks. Next week

Apart from that, the probability of an allergic reaction is still going to be the same. Chinese authorities have not released any statement mentioning the side effects of the new inhalable COVID vaccine, but this vaccine can also cause allergic reactions in people who are already allergic to any ingredients used in the vaccine.

When will the inhalable COVID vaccine be available for the world?

That’s a little bit of a tough question. As you might already be aware, the government of the United States does not have good relations with the Chinese government, and the ongoing Ukrainian crisis can also delay the exchange of technology.

Other countries are working on nasal COVID vaccines, but we have not heard about inhalable COVID vaccines in any news. At the same time, Chinese authorities have not released any statement mentioning the worldwide rollout of its new inhalable COVID vaccine.

Experts believe that the Chinese are going to roll out the vaccine in their friendly countries. As you are already aware, the company that developed the inhalable COVID vaccine has already passed the clinical trials in several countries, including Malaysia, Argentina, Pakistan, and Mexico, so it is pretty obvious that they are going to release the vaccine in those countries.

Until November 2022, we have not heard much from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention over the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. We are waiting for these public health departments to clear the air on these topics.

Is a new inhalable COVID vaccine available in the United States?

No, the new inhalable COVID vaccine is not available in the United States. Each Chinese company has recently introduced the world’s first inhalable COVID vaccine in China, and it is only being administered in some provinces of Shanghai. Apart from one Chinese company, no other company in the world has launched this type of vaccine.

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