How to Level Dark and Darker

How to Level Dark and Darker?

How to Level Dark and Darker – The Dark and Darker is an upcoming multiplayer action-adventure video game developed by South Korean studio Ironmace. Despite its lawsuit, the game is making the news every day for its unique gameplay and graphics.

The recent play tests of Dark and Darker have raised several concerns and questions in every gamer’s mind. It is not open to play fight games where your skills will also matter. 

The Dark and Darker is a typical game where your in-game levels are going to play a major role in your overall progress in the game. There are different levels in the game, and we are here to help you understand how to quickly level up in Dark and Darker.

If you want to flex your level, you will have to be very quick and make decisions in a snap. Don’t worry. We will help you understand all the level processes.

How to Level Up in Dark and Darker?

There are several ways a player can level up in the Dark and Darker game. Each level in the Dark and Darker game will open different features for the character. 

For example, level one Dark and Darker characters will have just one still slot, while levels 5 and 10 might have more. Just like any other game, these levels are milestones.

These levels were Not part of the playtest in February. The developers have recently introduced these levels in the last playtest.

Gain Experience

Similar to any other game in this universe, gaining experience within the game will help you in leveling up. Whether it’s the Dark and Darker or any other game coming, your in-game experience is going to help you gain better levels. 

Don’t worry. Your levels won’t just disappear because you got killed in the game. Once you have reached a certain level, there is no way to get back or get demoted.

Play the Game

Logging in to the game every day and learning about the interface is not going to help you gain experience within the game and level. You will have to play the game and perform all the tasks or activities to gain experience.

  • You can kill in-game monsters
  • You can eliminate other players 
  • you can go down to a lower dungeon floor using red portals
  • Successfully escape a dungeon using the blue portals

All these methods of leveling up have been confirmed in the last playtest of Dark and Darker. You may also try it even after the early access Or full release of the game.

How to Level Dark and Darker
How to Level Dark and Darker

What are the Tips and Tricks to Level Up Quickly in the Dark and Darker?

After reading all the above-given points, you might argue that it is the slowest way to level up. How am I going to flex it in front of my friends and family that I have leveled up when it is going to take hundreds of powers to play the game? 

Well, there are several activities you can perform to gain experience faster than others which will help you level up quickly. 

  • You may use a red portal and continue the difficult game, which is more dangerous for your in-game character to gain more experience and level up quickly. It is one of the best ways, as was proved in the last playtest of Dark and Darker.

The recent playtests have confirmed that most players like to keep their in-game gear, and they are not opting for dangerous floors. Most of those players have opted for safe extraction.

  • Alternatively, you may escape through a blue portal which may help you boost your character several levels at once. As the game is not stable, we do not recommend anyone to opt for eight dangerous runs, as it may result in loss of gear in the game.

We don’t recommend the last, but you may also have a team of 2 experienced players and one fresh player. The two experienced players will hit the enemy, and the fresh player can simply hit the final damage and gain all the experience.

It has been proven in the last few play tests, and it is also being used in different games as well.

What are the Important Tips for Beginners in the Dark and Darker?

For those who want to become a pro in the Dark and Darker, there are several things they should keep in mind, which may include some of the below-given tips for beginners. 

  • First of all, you should always use high-quality headsets. Sound is important in the game as it will help you listen to footsteps. The sound of footsteps may also help you locate your enemy.
  • There are different areas where loot could be hidden, including bookcases and secret book Levers. You should also check the floor for pressure plates and the classic ports and barrels.
  • In-game enemies might have a similar pattern which you can easily remember by playing it more than once.
  • Do not play solo. Solo games in Dark and Darker are extremely difficult, and we do not recommend beginners go for them.
  • Health is also an important aspect of Dark and Darker gameplay. If you are not careful enough, you may lose your health, and you will have to perform all the activities.

These are some of the most important tips and tricks a beginner can use to become a professional in the darker and darker. I know all these tips are highly common, but the game is not been fully released, and we don’t know the exact features of the game.

The game is not out, and we highly recommend you follow all these tips and tricks very carefully. We will also help you become a pro once again is fully released.

What is the full release date of Dark and Darker?

The Dark and Darker are Struggling with a lawsuit. Once the lawsuit is settled, the developers might come up with a full release date which could land between the end of 2023 and the start of 2024.

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