Dark and Darker Playtest Dates

What are the Dark and Darker Playtest Dates?

Dark and Darker Playtest Dates – Dark and Darker is an upcoming multiplayer battle Royale game. It was developed by a South Korean studio named Ironmace. It is going to be the first game by the developers, and the game is based on Unreal Engine 4.

Dark and Darker is a highly anticipated game, and the game is already in controversy, including its ban over potential copyright problems. Apart from that, the game was also attacked by DDoS trouble.

The developers of Dark and Darker have not released any official release date for the game, but the game is always in the news due to various reasons. 

Developers recently wrapped up their Dark and Darker play test dates, and the developers don’t seem to be very happy with that. The developers of Dark and Darker expressed their disappointment in the quality of the game and other troubles, including DDoS attacks.

The Unsuccessful Dark and Darker Playtest Dates

The Dark and Darker game and their developers are in controversies one after another. The troubles are not leaving the developers and the game since the very first day they announced the new game.

First, the game was removed from Steam after the asset-stealing acquisitions. After that, the unauthorized go fund page of the game was also taken down Even after successfully raising more than $46,000.

Later, the developers decided to go with the torrent for their playdates and Steam, which was also shut down due to copyright claims.

Lastly, those who somehow reach the play test after all this controversy found that the servers are not working as they are being DDoS.

We have been experiencing sophisticated DDoS attacks since the very start of these playtests, and our server quality has not changed at all from previous test dates.

An administrator from the development team of Dark and Darker mentioned it on the Discord server.

We have not seen this kind of drama for a very long time for any game. At first glance, Dark and Darker don’t seem to have any revolutionary game, and we are still wondering what is going on with the game.

Dark and Darker Playtest Dates
Dark and Darker Playtest Dates

Is There Any Extension of the Dark and Darker Playtest Dates?

No, there is no extension of the Dark and Darker play test dates. The developers of the game mentioned in the discord server that there won’t be any extension to the deadline of 20th April 2023.

The new playdates and the data from this old playdate will be shared shortly. As of now, the company is doing everything in its hands to get the game to the fans as soon as possible.

The developers have also promised that they will keep updating all the latest news to the fans.

There are tons of attacks happening on Dark and Darker from every side possible. There are login attacks, lawsuits, copyright issues, and others.

Current lawsuits, an extremely competitive field, and rival company Nexon might make it harder for the developers of Dark and Darker to come up with any new test dates.

The developers will have to prepare themselves for upcoming attacks using different techniques. The game is still unavailable on Steam, and the developers have a hard time coming up with any play dates which might result in a grade showcase of the game.

What Were the Changes in the Latest Dark and Darker Playtest?

The Dark and Darker game is under testing. Every time the developer comes with a playtest, The developer comes with a lot of changes.

With each playtest, Dark and Darker are getting better. A lot of people were sharing their reviews and suggestions on different platforms. The developers acted according to that end and provided our requirements, including the much-awaited unlimited arrows.

There are different situations in the game where you will require access to unlimited arrows, and developers have provided that as well with the new update.

  • New Bard class
  • New ‘The Ruins of Forgotten Castle’ Dungeon, an outdoor area with new mobs. That was initially released as Floor 0 of the standard map, where players would spawn upon entering. Now it has since been changed to a single-layer dungeon for playtesting.
  • New Rest system
  • New perks, skills, monsters, weapons, and items
  • Re-balanced classes
  • Improved graphics
  • Bows no longer have unlimited arrows; they are a finite resource.

What is The Release Date of the Dark and Darker Game?

That is the $1,000,000 question right now. Nobody knows the official release date of the Dark and Darker game. They will have to overcome several obstacles before releasing the game.

The quality, sustainability, and marketing of the game are not the only problem for the developers. The Dark and Darker game is fighting a lawsuit against Nexon.

Nexon is a Japanese and South Korean video game publisher with tons of different games under its name.  

Nexon claims that the developers of the Dark and Darker game were previously at their company, and they have used assets, materials, and the name of the company to develop Dark and Darker.

While the developers of Dark and Darker have denied all those allegations, it is not enough. The Dark and Darker will have to fight a legal battle that can be long if they are not presenting the right figure.

Originally, Dark and Darker were going to be released during the 4th quarter of 2023, but the situation is getting more and more serious every day.

What are the upcoming Dark and Darker play test dates?

Since their last play test catastrophe, the developers have not come up with l new dates for Dark and Darker. The developers have several issues, including a huge lawsuit on their heads, which is making the play test very hard.

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