Lost Ark Tier 2 Gems vs Tier 3

Lost Ark Tier 2 Gems vs Tier 3 | Lost Ark Gems Guide

Lost Ark Tier 2 Gems vs Tier 3 – Modern games are lengthy. The developers of these games invest years of hard work so that gamers can enjoy them for Decades.

Lost Ark is one of the prime examples of a lengthy game. A huge number of gamers, even seasoned gamers, require 3rd party guides and tutorials throughout the whole game to understand its concepts and the right uses for those things.

Keeping that in mind, we are here to help you understand Lost Ark gems. When you start playing Lost Ark, you find tons of different in-game items, and gems are one of them. 

If you are also wondering what those are and how you can use them again, you are at the right place, as we will discuss the whole concept of Lost Ark gems and their tears.

What are Gems in Lost Ark?

Gems are an important part of gearing up in Lost Ark. Unlike any other game, where gems are like a reward, You can use gems in the game for gearing up your character in Tier 2 and beyond.

Gems can also help you improve the skills of your character. There are different ways to use these gems. These gems are known to help your character in the game put more damage on the opponent or cool down your Character act much faster.

Once a player has reached tier 2 in the game, The jam section in the character profile will automatically open.

The gem system is divided into two different variants.

  • The first variant is skill cool down. The skill cooldown is going to reduce a skill’s cooldown by a percentage. Each level of gems is going to cool down by 2%.
  • The second variant is cold as skilled damage gems. These types of gems increase the damage by a percentage. Each level of gems is going to increase the damage by 3%.

The gem levels 2 and 3 in the cool down are known as Farsea and Crimson, respectively. At the same time, they are known as Azure and Annihilation in the second and 3rd year of skill damage gems, respectively.

How to Get Gems in Lost Ark?

It’s not hard to obtain gems in Lost Ark. The whole game is filled with different gems at different places. 

Finding the right gems is going to be a bigger challenge rather than finding just overall gems. There are multiple ways you can obtain these gems. The primary sources of gems in Lost Ark may include:

  • completing boss rush 
  • defeating field bosses
  • Completing daily events
  • Completing chaos dungeons
  • Buying them at the auction house

Every player will have multiple chances to obtain these gems. If you are not a good player and you still want gems, you can always buy them at the auction house.

  • Every player can easily find level-one Gems in Chaos Dungeons. It is one of the best places to complete the set of gems and get better powers.
  • Completing the boss rush is going to be a bit trickier as you will require one ticket or entry ticket before you enter each time.
  • Completing chaos dungeons is going to be one of the best ways to obtain these gems. First of all, the chaos dungeons will provide you with the gem, and it may also provide you with a ticket so that you can complete the boss rush.
Lost Ark Tier 2 Gems vs Tier 3
Lost Ark Tier 2 Gems vs Tier 3

What are Some of the Best Gems in Lost Ark?

Every person in this world is different. Their gaming styles are different. Their goals in games are different. That diversity makes it very hard for anyone to come up with any list of things that can help everyone.

A similar thing is happening with the gems in the game. Different gems provide different benefits to the user. Still, we have provided a list of gems that we believe are going to be best for you in the game.

Kindly take a look at the use of all the below-given gems and decide on your collection.

  • Deathblade 
  • Shadowhunter 
  • Artillerist 
  • Deadeye 
  • Gunslinger 
  • Sharpshooter 
  • Bard 
  • Sorceress 
  • Scrapper 
  • Striker 
  • Wardancer 
  • Berserker 
  • Gunlancer 
  • Paladin 

What is the Fusion and Rerolling of Gems in Lost Ark?

Gems have different levels in Lost Ark. Gems can go up to level 10 in the game. Whenever you play any event and get rewarded with gems, they Typically drop between levels one to 4.

At this point, fusion can allow you to combine any three gems of the same level and create a jump off the next. For example, if you have three gems of Level 3, it will allow you to get one gem of Level 4.

There is just one problem with the fusion process. The player won’t have any influence on the result of the agent. For example, you might use three gems of Damage gem, and it results in a level 4 cool-down gem.

That is the only problem with fusion. Otherwise, it is a great process to get a higher-level jump anytime you want.

Rerolling off any gem allows a lot of players to get the skill they want from any gem. It is not an easy process as you will have to find a jeweler in a major city. You can easily locate a jeweler as the map will show a red jewel icon.

Once you have located a dual, you can interact with the jeweler and ask them to start the process. To start the process, you will have to pay for silver. The cost of silver will depend on the tier and level of the gem.

How many gems can I equip in Lost Ark?

The Lost Ark allows its players to equip up to 11 Gems at any given point. Those 11 gems will allow the player to greatly empower five skills Which will include cooldown and damage effects.

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