Where to Turn in Masterpieces Lost Ark

Where to Turn in Masterpieces Lost Ark? |New Updates|

Where to turn in masterpieces Lost Ark – Since its first launch back in 2019, Lost Ark has been constantly in the news. It’s a highly popular MMO action role-playing game with Great graphics.

Today, we are here to discuss masterpieces in the Lost Ark. A player can collect up to 48 masterpieces which can be exchanged with rare rewards and other items within the game.

You might already know that you can exchange these masterpieces found in the game for those rewards, but the question is where to turn in masterpieces being Lost, Ark.

We will also discuss what you will get in exchange for these masterpieces, and you can obtain them. 

How to Convert Lost Ark Masterpieces into Rewards?

Once you have collected enough masterpieces to convert into reward, you should take them to Alfons Vedice on Sunflower Island. 

He is the owner of sunflower island, so he is very easy to locate once you have reached the island. Alternatively, you can also head towards the South of the island. Players usually locate Alfons a few meters up from the coastline. 

Alfons is a non-playing character in the game, and you can exchange all of your masterpieces for rewards through him.

Where to Turn in Masterpieces Lost Ark
Where to Turn in Masterpieces Lost Ark

What are the Rewards for Collecting Masterpieces?

The game has tons of different rewards that you can get after collecting these masterpieces. You will have to convert these masterpieces into rewards by yourself.

Here is the list of all rewards for collecting masterpieces in Lost Ark:

2x Masterpieces30x Soul Leaf
4x Masterpieces Emote: Proud
6x Masterpieces Uncommon Card Pack x3
8x Masterpieces Vitality Increase Potion
10x Masterpieces Sunflower Island Soul
12x Masterpieces 20x Eternity Essence
14x Masterpieces Stat Increase Potion
16x Masterpieces 3x Rare Card Pack
18x Masterpieces Structure: Azure Hill
20x Masterpieces Artist’s Treasure Chest
22x Masterpieces 15x Creation Fragment
24x Masterpieces Conviction
26x Masterpieces Epic Card
28x Masterpieces Structure: By Lantern’s Light
30x Masterpieces Artist’s Treasure Chest
32x Masterpieces 10x Menelik’s Tome
34x Masterpieces Artist’s Treasure Chest
36x Masterpieces Wei Card
38x Masterpieces Artist’s Treasure Chest
40x Masterpieces Title “Art Aficionado”
42x Masterpieces Structure: Divine Protection
44x Masterpieces Judgment
46x Masterpieces Guardian Luen Card
48x Masterpieces Greatest Masterpiece of a Lifetime

How to Collect Masterpieces Faster?

A player can collect up to 4 dozen masterpieces in the game, which can take significant time to collect them all. There are several useful rewards after collecting masterpieces which include a sunflower island token and an artist’s treasure chest.

A lot of players in different forums have been discussing that they are not going for these masterpieces as they do not have any good rewards in exchange.

There are only two useful rewards, and it’s not difficult to get those rewards. You don’t have to invest too much time in finding those Masterpieces as you can keep playing your game, and you will find them in the process.

Unai’s Tasks and Secret Map Tasks are very easy to get as they are the easiest ones. Apart from that, you can also progress through adventure Tomes, and you will get many masterpieces.  

Where to Turn in Masterpieces Lost Ark
Where to Turn in Masterpieces Lost Ark

How to Collect Masterpieces in Lost Ark?

Masterpieces are not available in just one place. Players will have to complete different tasks and quests to collect these masterpieces.

A player can collect up to 48 masterpieces in the game, and here is the list of all the tasks a player can complete to find these masterpieces.


  • Masterpiece # 1 – Sunflower Island – Artist in Residence
  • Masterpiece # 13 – Liebeheim – Pain to Gain


  • Masterpiece # 2 – Stronghold Merchant Illayne -Raid Seal x4,275
  • Masterpiece # 12 – Blackfang’s Den Navigator Rosa – Gienah’s Coin x3,600
  • Masterpiece # 20 – Starlight Isle Merchant Favreau – Gienah’s Coin x3,300
  • Masterpiece # 27 –New Vernese Exploration Ship – Pirate Coin x10,000
  • Masterpiece # 34 – Atropos Black Merchant (Hidden Area) – Pirate Coin x30,000


  • Masterpiece # 3 – Island Token x30
  • Masterpiece # 11 – World Tree Leaf x24
  • Masterpiece # 21 – Giant’s Heart x9
  • Masterpiece # 22 – Island Token x55
  • Masterpiece # 23 – Sea Bounties x30
  • Masterpiece # 32 – 950 Mokoko Seeds
  • Masterpiece # 33 – Giant’s Heart x11
  • Masterpiece # 38 – Island Token x75
  • Masterpiece # 39 – Sea Bounties x38
  • Masterpiece # 44 – 1150 Mokoko Seeds

Adventure Time

  • Masterpiece # 4 – 50% East Luterra Adventure Tome Completion
  • Masterpiece # 5 – 50% Tortoyk Adventure Tome Completion
  • Masterpiece # 6 – 50% Anikka Adventure Tome Completion
  • Masterpiece # 7 – 50% North Vern Adventure Tome Completion
  • Masterpiece # 8 – 40% Shushire Adventure Tome Completion
  • Masterpiece # 30 – 40% Rohendel Adventure Tome Completion
  • Masterpiece # 31 – 40% Yorn Adventure Tome Completion
  • Masterpiece # 37 – 40% Feiton Adventure Tome Completion
  • Masterpiece # 43 – 40% Punika Adventure Tome Completion

Una’s Task

  • Masterpiece # 9 – Ozhong Hills Una’s Task: The Cursed Ruins
  • Masterpiece # 10 – Wavestrand Port Una’s Task: Running the Port
  • Masterpiece # 18 – Karlhertz Una’s Task: Prisoner Release
  • Masterpiece # 19 — Freedom Island Una’s Task: The Archaeologist’s Request
  • Masterpiece # 28 – Cradle of the Sea Fermata Una’s Task: Fermata’s True Manager
  • Masterpiece # 48 – Star Sand Beach Una’s Task


  • Masterpiece # 14 – Cube
  • Masterpiece # 15 – Silent Hall
  • Masterpiece # 17 – Shadespire Floor 25 LVL 440
  • Masterpiece # 24 – Cube
  • Masterpiece # 25 – Silent Hall
  • Masterpiece # 35 – Silent Hall
  • Masterpiece # 36 – Elite Cube
  • Masterpiece # 40 – Elite Cube
  • Masterpiece # 41 – Silent Hall
  • Masterpiece # 45 – Dimension Cube
  • Masterpiece # 46 – Hall of the Sun

Secret Map

  • Masterpiece # 16 – Any Chaos Gate – Secret Map
  • Masterpiece # 26 – Yorn Chaos Gate – Secret Map and higher
  • Masterpiece # 42 – Feiton Chaos Gate – Secret Map and higher
  • Masterpiece # 47 – Punika Chaos Gate – Secret Map and higher


  • Masterpiece # 29 – Calvasus Rapport Trusted Stage

How many collectibles are in Lost Ark?

There are eight different collectibles in the game, and masterpieces are one of those 8. All these collectibles are scattered in the game, and the players can find them White playing the game and performing different tasks.

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