Cymbalta Ruined My Marriage

How Cymbalta Ruined My Marriage? | Cymbalta Side Effects

The modern era has been damaging the mental health of every individual. Mental health disorders are not a midlife crisis or old age problem, as youngsters are also getting diagnosed with conditions like depression and anxiety.

Everyone needs to get treatment for every mental health disorder for a happy and healthy life. There are hundreds of different medicines available in the market that can help you maintain your mental health despite having issues like depression and anxiety. 

Cymbalta is one of those medicines that can help you maintain major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. 

You should not get surprised to know that medicine to treat mental health disorders might have a long list of side effects. That’s why a huge number of mental health patients have been criticizing their medicine.

That’s why we are here to help you understand the latest trend of Cymbalta ruining my marriage. We will discuss every aspect of the medicine and how it might affect your relations.

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Why Do People Say Cymbalta Ruined My Marriage?

Medicine like Cymbalta may cause difficulties in relationships. A huge number of individuals have reported back to their healthcare experts that they are experiencing difficulties in their relationships.

These types of issues are not only limited to Cymbalta, as other mental health or antidepressant medicines are also causing similar side effects.

Mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety, are known to impact relations as well. The typical symptoms of depression and anxiety include sudden mood swings, low energy levels, low motivation, and overall sadness, which may impact or contribute to difficulties in relationships.

Other than that, these types of medicine are also known to have a longer list of side effects, including low libido and emotional numbing, which may impact relationships that are not strong enough.

If your healthcare expert has prescribed you to take Cymbalta, we highly recommend you open all these things to your partner. Medicine can not be the sole reason for a bad relationship.

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Cymbalta Ruined My Marriage
Cymbalta Ruined My Marriage

Cymbalta’s Sexual Side Effects Destroying My Marriage?

A lot of individuals are also complaining that the sexual side effects of Cymbalta are destroying their marriages.

Every type of antidepressant, including Cymbalta, causes several sexual side effects. Usually, the patients and their healthcare provider discuss these types of side effects with the couple so there won’t be any complications.

If you are also struggling with mental health disorders and you want to take Cymbalta, we highly recommend you consult all these side effects with your partner.

The common sexual side effects also Cymbalta may include:

  • Decreased libido: decreased libido is a common side effect of Cymbalta. You might experience a very low sex drive with your man, impacting your sexual activity and relationship. 
  • Delayed or no orgasm: it’s also possible that you might not experience any orgasm at all after taking the medicine. Achieving orgasm is a bit hard as a lot of patients have complained about the side effects.
  • Erectile dysfunction: a lot of patients have also reverted that they are struggling with conditions like erectile dysfunction after consuming the medicine. It’s not common, but we cannot rule out the probability. 
  • Changes in sexual sensation: Cymbalta is also known to impact the intensity and quality of sexual Sensations. If you are taking the medicine, you should consult with your healthcare provider.

These are some of the most common sexual side effects of Cymbalta. For more information on the topic, we highly recommend you consult with your healthcare provider before you start consuming any Similar medicine.

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What are the Common Side Effects of Cymbalta?

Every modern medicine for depression, including Cymbalta, is known to have a long list of side effects.

Before you start taking medicine for depression or anxiety, we highly recommend everyone talk about its side effects with their healthcare provider.

Cymbalta has 2 different types of side effects. The first set of polo the common side effects of the medicine while the other set follows the serious side effects.

The common side effects of Cymbalta may include:

  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia (difficulty sleeping) or changes in sleep patterns
  • Fatigue or tiredness
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Sweating
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight changes (either weight gain or weight loss)
  • Sexual side effects (decreased libido, difficulty achieving orgasm, or erectile dysfunction)
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Tremor or shaking
  • Blurred vision
  • Increased sweating
  • Anxiety or nervousness
  • Restlessness
  • Flu-like symptoms (fever, chills, body aches)

These are the common side effects of the medicine which might not require any additional medicine for medical assistance. Usually, people get better on their own without any medicine or medical assistance. 

We highly recommend you consult these side effects with your healthcare provider as they might recommend you lower the doses of medicine so that you can recover from the side effects without any problem.

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How to Prevent the Common Side Effects of Cymbalta and Save Your Marriage?

Health care experts recommend a long list of preventive measures that can help you prevent the common side effects of the medicine and eventually save your marriage.

Mental health conditions combined with the sexual side effects of any medicine might impact relations and even become the reason for divorce. 

Healthcare experts usually explain all details to the couple before starting the treatment, which involves medicine like Cymbalta.

  • We highly recommend everyone follow all the instructions provided by their healthcare provider to prevent or minimize the chances of side effects. Simple guidelines, including maintaining the dose, may also help you lower the probability of side effects.
  • You should also stay hydrated despite your thrust levels. A lot of people do not drink an adequate amount of water which can lead them to different side effects of the medicine. 
  • Kindly do not take medicine without consuming any food. Healthcare experts recommend taking Cymbalta With food to lower the probability of different side effects. 
  • Kindly maintain a healthy lifestyle while you are on any antidepressant medicine. A healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and a balanced diet, can help you improve your blood flow and lower the probability of different sexual side effects.
  • You may also seek couples therapy while you are on antidepressants. Healthcare experts recommended couples therapy and other related therapies to maintain a healthy relationship despite having sexual side effects of Cymbalta.

These are the most effective Tips that can help you prevent the sexual and other common side effects of Cymbalta.

Other than that, you should never stop consuming the medicine without consulting with your healthcare provider. Antidepressants have a long list of withdrawal symptoms, and you should never stop consuming them without consulting.

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FAQs about Cymbalta [Cymbalta Ruined My Marriage]

Does Cymbalta dull emotions?

Yes, Cymbalta can cause dull emotions. Antidepressant medicines may affect the emotions of the patient, which may result in extreme sadness and sudden mood swings.

Is Cymbalta difficult to quit?

Yes, it can be a little bit challenging to quit Cymbalta. It belongs to a family of medicine which might have withdrawal symptoms, and healthcare experts have a specific quitting plan for Cymbalta and similar drugs. A patient might experience withdrawal symptoms, including dizziness, nausea, headache, and irritability.

Does Cymbalta make you angry?

Cymbalta may choose some mood changes, but it is not known to Trigger anger levels. If you are struggling with sudden mood changes and increased anger levels, we highly recommend you consult with your healthcare provider, as increased anger levels might also be a sign of some other mental health issues.

Can coming off Cymbalta cause anger?

There are several withdrawal symptoms of Cymbalta, but there are symptoms of increased anger levels. If you are struggling with the fire and anger levels after leaving the medicine, we highly recommend you consult with your healthcare provider.

Does Cymbalta cause hypersexuality?

No, hypersexuality is not a side effect or any effect of Cymbalta. If you are struggling with hypersexuality, we highly recommend you consult with your healthcare provider. Low libido and difficulty while achieving orgasm are the most common side effects of the medicine.

Can Cymbalta cause personality changes?

Side effects or effects like personality changes are not common with Cymbalta. Even though the medicine may have an impact on a person’s mood, it is not known to cause any personality changes. You might experience severe depression or sadness, but those symptoms are also temporary.

Can antidepressants affect your marriage?

Yes, antidepressants may affect your marriage if you are not aware. There are several sexual and emotional side effects of antidepressants, and healthcare experts recommend couples talk about those issues before starting the treatment.

Are Cymbalta side effects permanent?

No, the side effects of Cymbalta are not permanent. Most side effects of the medicine are temporary, and they go away on their own or after taking regular medicine. Sometimes, healthcare experts might also adjust the dosage to help you recover from the side effects.

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