Can You Eat Bread on a Golo Diet

Can You Eat Bread on a Golo Diet?

Any dietary changes invite tons of different questions. Whether you are an expert in the subject or a newbie, you are going to have lots and lots of questions as soon as you introduce any change in your diet.

The number of questions is going to be more if you are a newbie. People who try things like a golo diet for their weight loss journey are always newbies. Those people don’t have enough knowledge of how weight loss and dieting work.

Keeping that in mind, we are here to help you understand the simplest questions about the golo diet. We will also discuss whether you can eat bread on a golo diet or what kind of bread you can eat. 

Apart from that, we will also discuss questions like whether you should eat bread or what are the alternatives to bread if you don’t want to consume it.

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What do You Eat on Golo Diet?

Can You Eat Bread on a Golo Diet?

Yes, the Golo diet allows everyone to consume bread. You should make sure that you should not solely rely on bread for your overall calorie goal.

You should focus on maintaining a calorie-deficit diet with tons of different food items. The company also suggests everyone introduce bread in their golo diet as it is a part of our regular diet.

Similar to any other food item, you should make sure you are consuming high-quality bread during a golo diet. You can even introduce high-quality bread into your regular diet as it will provide you with more nutrients with fewer overall calories.

Bread is an essential part of our regular diet. You can achieve your weight loss goals with any diet in this world, but there are only a handful of diets that will help you stay fit and fine, even after achieving those Weight loss goals.

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Golo Banana Breakfast Bars

What Kind of Bread Can You Eat on a Golo Diet?

You might already know that there are hundreds of different kinds of bread available in the market. Despite their same look, they are not the same, as they are made with different ingredients.

If the company allows everyone to consume bread, it doesn’t mean that you can pick up any bread you want from the nearby grocery store.

There are certain conditions that the company suggests everyone should follow before purchasing any bread.

  •  First of all, the bread should be preservative-free. There are tons of preservative-free brands available in the market, and you should always opt for those.
  • Preservative-free bread is healthier, and they also have more nutrients. Fresh-baked loaves of bread are the most popular choice, as these types of bread are usually preservative-free.
  • You should always hope for whole-wheat bread. There are different types of bread available in the market, and our focus should be on whole wheat bread.
  • Bread should also be sugar-free. Different companies advertise their product as low sugar or low calorie, which is not true. Always make sure there is no added sugar in those bread.
  • Lastly, you may also prefer a gluten-free option. A lot of people do not like gluten-rich bread, as it may trigger different side effects. Avoiding these types of brands for some time is always going to be the best decision.

These are the most important guidelines the company suggests everyone follow before purchasing any bread. There are no restrictions on the consumption of bread, but you should make sure you are opting for a healthy option.

Different chemicals and preservatives choose more harm even if the bread is whole grain bread. We highly recommend everyone purchases freshly baked bread, as they are healthier.

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Does Golo Raise Your Blood Pressure?

Can You Eat Bread on a Golo Diet
Can You Eat Bread on a Golo Diet

Golo not only sells a supplement, but they are also active in the Diet category. The company recommends specific food items from different brands. These recommended food items are mostly healthy, and they may provide certain health benefits.

Here are the golo recommended brands for bread:

Food for Life

Food for Life is a baking company in the United States, and the company has tons of different food options, including bread. Even though I have tons of different choices when it comes to bread, Golo recommends three different types of bread.

  • Ezekiel – All varieties.
  • Sprouted Grain – All Varieties 
  • Genesis – All varieties 

Apart from the above-given list, there are tons of gluten-free options as well. If you want to go gluten-free, we highly recommend you opt for Food for Life gluten-free bread.

  • Sprouted for Life – Gluten-free almond bread
  • Sprouted for Life – Gluten-free original three seed
  • Sprouted for Life – Gluten-free cinnamon Raisin
  • Sprouted for Life – Gluten-free flax

Dave’s Killer Bread 

Dave’s Killer Bread is another Popular brand Of homemade bread. Similar to Food for Life, Dave’s Killer Bread also has a lot of choices, but the company only recommends a Good Seed – Thin Sliced bread.

Simply Nature

Simply Nature is another recommended brand for bread. Golo supplement recommends everyone purchase Knock your sprouts off Bread from simply nature. The bread will be available at ALDI stores throughout the whole nation. There are more than 2297 stores throughout the whole nation where you can purchase Simply Nature Bread.

Happy Campus

The happy campus is one of the unique brands that entirely focus on gluten-free and organic brands. Other brands have a category for Bluetooth 3 products, but the unique selling poet of a happy campus is gluten-free products.

You can purchase any product you want, and that is going to be a Gluten free organic product.

  • Classy slice
  • Hemp-Hemp Hooray

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What Is Golo And How Does It Work?

Should You Eat Bread on a Weight Loss Journey?

Yes, You should keep eating bread even in a weight loss journey. You should not be making any mistakes people make during their crash diet where they do not consume any high in carb or fatty food items.

Crash dieting or restricting yourself from certain foods is never a good idea. Most of us consume bread regularly. 

If you try to restrict yourself from eating bread and experience any success in weight loss, you might come back to your normal diet, where the fat will start coming back.

Anyone can lose body weight by restricting themselves from several different food items, including bread and other carbohydrate sources.

That approach is always going to be tricky as there are high chances that you will gain your weight back as soon as you resume your regular diet, which is filled with carbohydrates.

We recommend everyone consume whole-grain bread regularly. It will help your body with the required energy, and there will be fewer chances that you will gain the weight back once you have stopped your diet.

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Top Breakfast Options in Golo Diet Containing Bread

There are tons of different breakfast options in the Golo diet, which contain bread. Some breakfast examples contain bread as a main ingredient.

  • Greek yogurt and toast are probably the most popular breakfast options in a golo diet containing bread. You can use two slices of whole-grain toast with a side of Greek yogurt. You also include barriers and honey.
  • Almond butter and banana toast are other popular choices for breakfast containing bread. The Golo diet does not allow anyone to consume peanut butter, so we Improvised and opted for almond butter.
  • A breakfast sandwich containing a whole grain English muffin or bagel, along with scrambled egg and sliced avocado, is another popular choice. It is filled with all micro important micro and macronutrients.
  • Toast with almond butter and berries can be the perfect alternative to almond butter and banana toast. Those who can’t eat bananas can opt for this toast with almond butter and berries.
  • An egg and veggie sandwich is our last suggestion for breakfast in a golo diet containing bread. You may use whole wheat bread along with scrambled eggs and sliced tomato to make a tasty sandwich.

These are the most popular recommendations from expert dietitians. These are not the only options. There are tons of breakfast options that contain healthy ingredients and bread.

You can always improve wiser on your own. We just have to make sure you are not consuming any non-recommended ingredients to make breakfast. Kindly try to eat in a controlled manner. Under any circumstances, you should not go out of your calorie deficit.

Which is the best bread to eat in a golo diet?

A Whole grain bread without any preservatives or chemicals is the best option. You may also opt for multigrain and Gluten free bread. Those are also great options for alternatives to irregular white bread.

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