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GOLO Reviews and Complaints

Golo.com Weight Loss Scam – Being obese or overweight is not some 21st-century problem. People have been experiencing overweight and obesity for centuries. Yes, the number of overweight or obese people was very small back then, but some people were obese and fat in history.

Digital lifestyle and dieting habits have made it very hard for a regular person to stay in a healthy body weight category. Even if you compare the lifestyle of the 1980s or 1990s with the 2020s, you will see a huge difference in physical activities. Back then, people were more active, but now everyone is getting lazy, which is increasing the number of obese and overweight people.

The Centers for Disease Control and prevention of the United States recently released a data point mentioning that by the year 2025, 50% of Americans are going to be obese, let alone the data being overweight. At the same time, the trend of being perfect on social media is also rising.

That is why several companies and fitness influencers on the Internet have launched their programs to help people in their weight loss journey. Today we are going to review Golo.com Weight Loss Scam. We will talk about everything regarding the company, starting from its basics to all the way its problems. 

What is GOLO?

For those who don’t know what Golo is, Golo is the self-proclaimed Best diet for weight loss. It has a supplement named release, and everyone who joins the diet will have to consume that supplement. The company mentioned on its official website that its supplement is going to focus on lowering hunger hormones and insulin sensitivity.

At the same time, the Release supplement is also going to focus on improving your metabolism so that you will burn more calories by the end of the day. In simple scientific terms, the more calories you burn, the slimmer you get. 

Every person in the world has a daily calorie expenditure, and it is among the most important things that can determine your body weight. People with lower calorie expenditure and higher calorie consumption will be fat. Similarly, people with higher calorie expenditure and lower calorie consumption are going to be skinny.

Golo.com Weight Loss Scam
Golo.com Weight Loss Scam

Why are people claiming the Golo.com Weight Loss Scam?

If you check the Internet like a normal person, then you will only see good things about Golo and its weight loss program. You will see tons of five-star reviews on Amazon, trust pilot, and Yelp, where people will be claiming that they have lost a ton of weight in just a short period. 

On the other hand, if you take a deep look at those reviews, you will find that most of them are fake or paid reviews. People will be focusing on diet, weight loss, and pounds they have lost in their reviews. 

Even if you check YouTube, most influencers or news channels will be talking good things about Golo. Then why are people claiming Golo.com Weight Loss Scam?

Similar to any other weight loss program in the world, people expect too much from a company or fitness experts when it comes to weight loss. Everyone wants to lose weight over the night, and the marketing team of Golo is trying everything to attract those people.

  • First of all, fake reviews on different platforms have been increasing the expectations of every overweight person who is about to join the company. 
  • Golo is more like a supplement company rather than a diet or exercise solution. 
  • A lot of people are getting digestive issues after they start consuming release supplements. 

Even if you take a look at different review platforms, including Amazon, you will find that most people are not happy with the results they are getting, or they have not even lasted a single pound. 

Many of them are not able to keep consuming the supplement because They are experiencing digestive issues. At the same time, a lot of people think that you can lose weight without focusing on your diet or exercise routine. 

What is the problem with Golo?

Before we talk about the scientific way to lose weight on your own, let’s first discuss all the major problems with Golo. These things will help you understand what is wrong with Golo, the marketing company, and the consumers. 

As you might already be aware, at the initial stage, weight loss is very hard. You have to understand every concept of body weight, And without understanding all these concepts, you might not be able to achieve your target.

Golo Diet Scam is a combination of every problem in weight loss. There is a company that is trying to capture the weight-loss market and make money. On the other side, some vulnerable people understand the major concepts of weight loss.

A combination of these two things is going to create a diet scam, and that is what is happening with Golo.

People do not have the right knowledge that you cannot lose body weight in just a few weeks which you accumulated over years. Yes, the weight loss speed is always going to be higher than weight gain, but you also have to make sure that you are not gaining it back as soon as you leave your diet or exercise routine.

  • First of all, people expect too much from my company when it comes to weight loss. Golo or any other weight loss company cannot help you lose tons of body weight in just a few weeks.
  • People in paid reviews are claiming that they get extraordinary results, such as 50 pounds in just three weeks.
  • The company is doing too much marketing, which is further increasing the expectations. 
  • Not teaching the right method for weight loss and watching their Release supplement.

As you can read in the above-given points, there are so many things wrong with the company and the consumers. 

On the one hand, the company is claiming to help you lose tons of weight through advertisements or paid reviews. On the other side, the consumer is also expecting to lose tons of weight without doing anything in just a short period.

To be honest, there might be some supplements in the world that can help you boost your weight loss temporarily, but your lifestyle and the right knowledge are eventually going to help you stay away from obesity.

To get the best results, every health expert in the world will suggest that you learn the basics of weight loss, weight gain, diet, and exercise routine. If you understand these concepts along the way to recovery, then most people in the world can easily use body weight or gain it if they’re skinny.

What is the right way to lose weight?

Before we completely run this session, let’s take a quick look at the right way to lose body weight. You might be surprised to know, but weight loss is very easy. There are a few things you should keep in your mind. If you follow most of these things, then you will lose body weight without any external supplement. 

  • First of all, you should start eating in a calorie deficit manner. 

You can start eating similar types of food items each day and check your body weight at the end of the week. If you have gained weight at the end of the week, it means you are in a calorie surplus. Similarly, if you have lost a little bit of weight, it means you are in a calorie deficit. 

  • Keep exercising daily. Exercising daily will help you increase your calorie deficit. As a thumb rule, the bigger the calorie deficit, the more weight you will lose.
  • Drink enough water in a day. You will stay hydrated with water, and your body will feel less hungry. 
  • Sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a day. Recovery is very important to improve your metabolism, Which will further help you increase your daily calorie expenditure.
  • Lastly, you should have patience and consistency in following one diet plan for at least six months. With the help of calorie deficit and exercise, you can target one to two pounds a week, and by the end of the 24th week, you will be down by 30 to 35 pounds of body weight.

Is it worth joining Golo?

There is no straight answer to the question. If you are among those people who do not have any knowledge regarding weight loss, then you can try it as they might be able to help you a little bit with your diet and exercise. If you have the right knowledge regarding how dieting plays a huge role in your weight loss, then you do not have to join any company, including Golo.

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